Video vs. the corporate Holiday card

So this year the company I work for made a Christmas video. A different step given that each year they have opted for a non-traditional Christmas card. Non-traditional in the sense that the cards usually follow a theme (Star Wars as Stat Wars, and Bond 007 as Fund 007) where leading members of the team dress up and (successfully) attempt to link the team to underlying trend or product in the financial services industry.

The theme of the video focuses around working in the ‘cloud’ and its benefits vs the old school terminal systems that the FS industry still harbours. The video aims to showcase the benefits of our leading product StatPro Revolution as well as bestow light holiday humour.

For my part, I briefly advised the very early stages of concept design as well as contributing to the decision to go with a video vs a card.

Please note, the video was filmed during November (or Movember) and hence the moustache.

Happy Holidays!

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