What I Do.

As a Marketing Technology Lead, my role involves developing and executing digital strategies aimed at improving customer experiences, driving sales, and delivering value for the business. I work with senior stakeholders and lead cross-functional teams to implement digital solutions that meet the needs of the business.

In particular, I am a subject matter expert on the capabilities of Salesforce and its place in the wider MarTech stack. I have extensive experience in:

  • solution designing,
  • end-2-end Client Life Cycle Management
  • workflow automation,
  • 360 customer view creation,
  • integration with Pardot, Marketo and CDPs
  • problem-solving,

This experience has given me the necessary skills to solve complex business challenges across sales opportunity creation, marketing campaign management, and service efficiencies using Salesforce technology.

In addition, I manage digital activities involving transformation projects, acquisition campaigns and business as usual (BAU) activities, which include web, nurturing & email, and search. I also have expertise in data and analytics and have been able to deliver the most value by creating solutions that unifying all relevant data points to gain a single view of the customer. I leverage this view to create business growth, drive curiosity and increase adoption. Using tools such as Informatica, SQL, Tableau, PowerBI, and applying a ‘test and learn’ approach, I deliver insights and analytics that inform business strategy.

If you are interested in learning more about my experience and skills, please feel free to check out my Trailblazer profile, and my blog.