Whats in your Reeder?

There is so much to cover on this topic that one post simply won’t do it. Instead what I hope to do is split this post into several sections beginning with which blogs I read on a daily basis. Later I hope to cover in-depth those blogs that really stand out, and deliver valuable information related to what I do.

I started following blogs back in 2007, but back then I was more into computer technology blogs, more to do with the latest software and developments in the PC industry.

Today my blogs list consists mainly of blogs related to the mobile and marketing industries. Why? Simple, I follow marketing blogs because that is what I do, I am a young marketer still learning the ropes so it is essential that I stay up to date with my industry. Mobile industry news – that’s more of a hobby, for now, I’ve always been excited by the latest developments in mobile phones, the latest smartphones, I love gadgets and mobile phones take top place.

I’ve grouped the best into 3 sections:


  • Lifehacker: the blog that I star the most, very rich in content covering technology and day-to-day tips that help our with everything from rebuilding your attention span to tips on how to restore the colour of old Lego bricks!
  • Engadget: the thing I appreciate most about these guys is that they well and truly cover the whole industry and ensure that nothing is left unreported.
  • Gizmodo: like Engadget these guys provide breaking news from the technology sector, on top of that their occasional leaks make for interesting read. As they are part of the Lifehacker group they cross into tips & advice country too.

Marketing & Creative:

  • Adverblog: essentially this is a blog that documents the latest ideas and trends in interactive marketing, the majority of which stand out through their evocative nature – Cadbury’s round YouTube player – genius.
  • MarketingApple: an excellent and comprehensive review of the might that is the Apple Marketing Machine. Great insights.
  • Web Design Ledger: a collection of resources, freebies and tutorials to help not just web developers but marketing professionals too. Their frequent examples of web design are truly inspirational.


Reeder? – this is the app I use on my iPhone to ensure I stay upto date even when I am on the move.

Google Reader – for the PC this is my favourite, and the fact that both Reeder and Google Reader sync effortlessly is real bonus.

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